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 FACES, solo, freehand drawings, Larry´´´  s Corner
Stockholm, 30 November - 7 December 2019


YELLOW GOAT, solo, freehand drawings, Akademikrogen, Linnéuniveristet
Kalmar, 15 April - 15 May 2019


DUCK SEASON, solo, polymer clay, Kikain, Dryadparken
Kalmar, September 2018


VIDEO INFUSION, group exhibition, participating with Foetus Time Marches On animated video, Secret Robot
New York City, February-March 2012


Untitled exhibition together with Tatiana Jensen, photography, Café Ariman
Lund 1995


Exhibition, solo, photography
Tyringe bibliotek, 1995


SJÄLSLIG ANDNÖD, solo, photography/acrylics
Hässleholms Stadsbibliotek, July 1994


UNG KONST, group exhibition, Perrong 23
Hässleholm, March 1994