Sam Sohlberg, multidisciplinary artist

Upcycled wood furniture pieces with superdetailed handdrawn motifs using fade resistant Sakura Pigma® ink. Lacquered with several layers of Le Tonkinois linseed varnish.

Upcoming exhibitions

2023 VON SOHLBERG, upcycled furniture art, Persona galleri, Kalmar, 31 March - 17 April

2023 VÅRSALONG, Bananrepubliken, upcycled furniture art, Bjuråker, 13 May - 18 June

Select exhibitions

2021 ANSIKTSFABRIKEN, solo, freehand drawings, Art Rautio, Kalmar

2019 FACES, solo, freehand drawings, Larry´s Corner, Stockholm

2019 YELLOW GOAT, solo, freehand drawings, Akademikrogen, Linnéuniversitetet, Kalmar

2018 DUCK SEASON, solo, polymer clay, Kikain, Dryadparken, Kalmar

2012 VIDEO INFUSION, animated music video, Secret Robot, New York City

1995 Untitled exhibition together with Tatiana Jensen, photography, Café Ariman, Lund

1995 Untitled exhibition, solo, photography, Tyringe bibliotek

1994 SJÄLSLIG ANDNÖD, solo, photography/acrylics, Hässleholms Stadsbiblioteket

1994 UNG KONST, Perrong 23, Hässleholm


2006 NONSTOP FILMFESTIVAL, Best music video for animated video, Foetus "Time Marches On"


Current exhibitions

2023 VÅRSALONG, Nybro konstförening, upcycled furniture art, Pukeberg, 18 March - 2 April